Living Cost in Canada

Living Expenses in Canada

Before Bangladeshi students can move to Canada, they must first estimate the cost of living in order to prepare their finances beforehand. Living in Canada will be an altogether different experience than in Bangladesh so it is important that students explore the lifestyle and cost of living in the city where they are planning to stay. This is necessary as while applying for a student permit/ visa, you must prove to the Canadian government that you have enough money to meet the financial expenses.

The average cost of living in Canada depends on the region and university that you choose. For instance, cities in Canada like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary are more expensive than other cities. Also, the expenses will vary depending on whether you are choosing to stay on-campus or off-campus as the on-campus living cost is less than the off-campus living.

Living Cost in Canada

Overview of Cost of Living in Canada for Bangladeshi Students in 2022 (Approx.)

Category Yearly Expenses Per Year
★ Books and supplies Taka 70,000 / (1,000 CAD)
★ Health and Dental Insurance Taka 84,000 / (1,200 CAD)
★ Public Transportation Taka 49,000 / (700 CAD)
★ Rend And Grocery Taka 420,000 / (6,000 CAD)
★ Mobile phone (basic package) Taka 25,200 / (360 CAD)
★ Entertainment/Clothes/Gifts Taka 70,000/ (1000 CAD)
★ Car: Insurance Taka 105,000/ (1,500 CAD)
★ Car: Fuel Taka 140,000 / (2,400 CAD)