Promote Programs

Promote Programs

If you are an University or College and would like to promote one or few of your programs, kindly download the “Promote a Program” Form from the below link. Complete the form duly and email the completed form to Upon receiving your request and reviewing the details, the program(s) will be published on due course. It is completely free of cost.

Kindly see below the FAQs if you have any question in this regard. You may also email us at, if you need to know anything else.

Promote Programs

FAQs relating to promote programs

Simply download the form from the above link and email us the completed form to

If you wish to promote multiple programs, you should use a single form for one program.

There is no cost of promoting programs at the

Usually, it will take 3 working days to publish a program. In case of public holidays and for few other reasons, it might take 5 to 10 working days to publish your requested programs.

You should not request more than 3 programs to publish at a time.

Yes, your request to publish a program may be rejected. We aim to promote programs from Public institutions and only those programs apparently seem to be more appealing to students.

If you wish to remove one or multiple programs from this website, simply email at with the subject “Request to remove program”. Upon receiving your email it will be removed within 3 working days.

If you need to edit any part of the published program(s), simply email at with subject “Request to edit program(s). You should briefly provide details on which part need to be amended. It will be amended by 2 working days.


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